Analyze key issues involved with the correctional staff
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Plan for Recruiting and Training Correctional Staff

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

1. Make revisions to Assignment 2 based on your professor's feedback.

2. Provide an introduction to your position paper with a clear thesis statement that provides an overview of the paper.

3. Analyze three (3) key issues involved with the correctional staff. Select from the following issues:

a. pay

b. staff safety

c. stress

d. gender and staffing

e. professionalism

f. corruption

4. Recommend three (3) effective management policies and procedures for recruiting and training correctional officers.

5. Support your views with at least three (3) relevant and credible references, documented according to APA.professor feet backVery good job. Please review the assignment and respond if you have questions.

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