Analyze impact of tax holidays of up to ten days in state
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Discussion: "Major Tax Structures"

Please respond to the following:

• From the e-Activity on the "Quarterly Summary of State & Local Tax Revenue," illustrate with examples the burden of state, local, and state-local taxation in your state.

• Compare the burden of your state with two neighboring states.

General Taxes" Please respond to the following:

• Review the following scenario and then analyze the impact of tax holidays on the budget.

(a) Scenario: Several states have declared sales tax holidays for which the state does not collect sales tax on selected items for those day or days. In most instances, the holiday has applied to purchases of clothing and the period has been a week to 10 days in August. The primary reason is to provide a "back-to-school" discount as families get ready for the upcoming year. However, in recent years, some states have proposed or enacted holidays for hurricane survival supplies, gasoline, Energy Star appliances, and guns and ammunition.

(b) Impact Analysis: Analyze the impact of tax holidays of up to 10 days in your state. Create a table with two (columns. The first column should list Yield, Equity, Administration and Compliance, and Economic Impact. The second column should explain the impact of tax holidays in each area.

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