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Assignment: Interview

In this final submission, you are going to integrate all of the material you have learned throughout the course with regard to menu planning. Using a similar list of questions that you prepared in previous assignments to outline profiles, interview a friend about his or her regular eating habits. Identify any goals that he or she may have and complete a daily food log for him or her for one day; include his or her activity level in your food log. Analyze his or her current eating habits by tallying calories, fat grams, proteins, and carbohydrates by using the Food Analysis Program or the Exchange List for Meal Planning.

Using the information that you have gathered from your interview, the food log, and the analysis, create a list of suggestions for improving his or her diet. Include:

Recommendations on lifestyle and activity levels

Calories, fat grams, proteins, and carbohydrates in your menu plan

Support your recommendations for menu, lifestyle, and activity levels with at least 3 sources.

Reference no: EM13843079

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