Analyze government role in the protection of the environment

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American Government

Question 1

Analyze the government's role in the protection of the environment. Be sure that your analysis includes a look at one of the following: conservation, environmentalism, protection, global warming, and energy concerns. How has the regulation of one of these issues resulted in better protection? Who are the major stakeholders in this process?

Question 2

Discuss the differences that exist between social insurance programs and public assistance programs. What is your opinion regarding how far the government should go in providing assistance to those who need these programs?

Question 3

Discuss the various ways federal, state, and local governments attempt to promote education as equality of opportunity. What are the some positives and negatives you see in the involvement of government in the education system?

Question 4

Discuss how government intervention promotes efficiency and equity in the economy. Be sure that you include restraint of trade, indirect costs, deregulation, and overregulation within your analysis.

Reference no: EM131172462

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