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The goal for the milestone is to analyze behavior and reactions of the consumer, not the ads. The final paper requirements include an analysis of the advertisements. Identify two contrasting television, magazine or internet advertisements that use humorous and emotional appeals.  In Week 4, interview two people and measure the impact these advertisements had on them. In Week six, analyze the consumer behaviors and reactions in a formal paper; including concepts, theories and applications from the text.



The Milestone assignment is a consumer behavior analysis exercise. The goal is to analyze behavior and reactions of the consumer, not the ads. You will select two print ads or commercials for the interview.

Prior to doing the interviews for this Milestone assigment, carefully read through the requirements for the Final Paper, below.  Write up the notes from your interviews. This should be about 2 pages. It should include the questions and the interviewees' responses. Include any additional observations you made during the interview. You will base your final paper's write-up and analysis on these notes.

For your interview, talk to at least two individuals who are not enrolled in this course. Interview them by finding out their reactions to the following:  

  • Awareness of these advertisements
  • Recall of the brands advertised
  • Recall of the relevant information
  • Liking of the advertisement
  • Preference for the brand advertised

To summarize, your Milestone assignment must include the following two parts:

  • The interview of the two selected individuals with answers and results.
  • A 2 page analysis consisting of note and observations during the interview. The analysis must be written in APA or MLA (your instructor will specify which format) and the student must cite the interviews as well as the textbook.

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Reference no: EM13760372

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