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Your analysis of the standards you reviewed in Part I, addressing the prompts above in a written response. A summary of the work you completed in Part 2 as follows: List the 2 to 4 standards you will address in your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan and provide a rationale for the interdisciplinary connections upon which you will base your unit. For each standard, share the results of the breaking apart or unwrapping process you conducted in Phases 1 and 2. Explain an insight you gained in breaking apart one or more of the standards you have chosen. Generate ideas for Stage 1: Desired Results of your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan. What "big ideas" and enduring understandings became evident as a result of breaking apart the standards?

Reference no: EM131411788

Explain how much of a leading edge do you think

Explain how much of a leading edge do you think that organisations utilizing these tools also techniques in an integrated manner might gain from the point of view of corpora

Optimal order quantity and the minimum annual cost

Bell computers purchases integrated chips at 350 per chip. the holding cost is $36 per unit per year. the ordering cost is $119 per order, sales are steady at 400 per month. W

Flexibility-improving methodologies-increasing productivity

There are many reasons to pursue business process outsourcing and project procurement, including flexibility, improving methodologies, and increasing productivity. Taking into

Report higher and higher in the organizational structure

Which type of organizational form fosters teamwork in the best manner? What are the major reasons for having project manager's report higher and higher in the organizational s

Using the decomposition technique

Wildcat Computer, Inc. (WC), used to have major contracts to produce the Centrino-type chips. The market has been declining during the past three years because of the dual-cor

Improve the evaluation of employees performance

This case focuses on the issue of performance. As discussed in the text, clear and effective goals help improve employee performance, reduce role stress conflict and ambigui

Income statement examine the proforma balance sheet

Capsim For each of the six basic tactics, select the set of action steps (A to F) that describe the tactic. Examine the proforma Income Statement Examine the proforma Balance

Manufactures auto and truck engine and transmission

Selecting a European Distribution Center Site for American International Automotive Industries American International Automotive Industries (AIAI) manufactures auto and truck


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