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For your paper provide an analysis of the persuasive strategies and persuasive tactics used by your social movement. The purpose of the paper is to see how social movements use specific persuasive tactics (i.e. slogans, ridiculing, labeling, songs, and nonverbal symbols/actions) to implement their persuasive strategies (i.e. identification, identity politics, opposition, reframing, storytelling, power). You should look for specific examples of tactics used by your movement (i.e. phrasing in speeches or other material produced by the movement, cartoons, buttons, posters, etc.,) and see how these allow your movement to implement particular persuasive strategies. Try to provide 10 to 12 examples of tactics. Remember that not all movements use all the strategies or all the tactics describes in the text, so choose those that are most appropriate and for which you can find examples. Papers should be 6 pages double spaced. Please upload the paper to both Turn-it-in on Blackboard.

Reference no: EM13867919

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