Analysis of the impact of the justice on criminal procedure

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In this assignment you need to identify a past or current United States Supreme Court justice (do not select Justice Roberts, Alito, or Sotomayor or Kagan) and research and discuss his/her life and career and their impact on criminal procedure/ criminal justice. You will need outside research on this paper.

  1. Introduction - identify the justice you selected and why you selected them and discuss your research methods;
  2. Life history of the justice, including educational background, experience prior to becoming a judge, etc
  3. Discussion of his/her tenure on the court, including a discussion of at least five majority opinions that he or she authored,
  4. A discussion/analysis of the judicial philosophy of the justice (eg liberal or conservative, activist or restraint, etc).
  5. A discussion/analysis of the impact of the justice on criminal procedure.
  6. A conclusion.

Reference no: EM13816097

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