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Advanced Supply Chain Management Individual Assignment

Your task is to select a product and carry out a detailed analysis of its supply chain/supply network and the industry sector.

  • Consider how this product completes in the market place. What are the competitor products? Present this analysis in a table. Compare and contrast the competitive dimensions. Remember to focus only on the product that you have selected but you can also mention other products made by the same organisation.
  • Consider the product life cycle - draw a diagram. Consider implications for the supply chain and the different entities.
  • What does the supply chain look like supporting your product? Draw a map of the SC/supply network showing the major players.
  • Is the product made to order or made to stock? What are the implications of this?
  • What are the materials used to make this product, what processes were used to make this product (type of production system used?)
  • What means/system is used to deliver the product to consumers?
  • Discuss the SCM challenges/issues being faced by individual organisations and whether these are being addressed adequately.
  • Consider the industry sector/sub-sector. Who are the major players? What influence do they have on organisations/supply chains?
  • What would you consider to be the overall goals of this SC? What elements/aspects of this SC should be fully/partially integrated?
  • How should performance of this SC be measured?
  • What are the key business processes that are common to all entities of this SC?

Clearly, the supply chain must respond to the market needs/demands.  So, your task is to make a reasonable assessment of whether the current Supply Chain (SC) is meeting market/consumer needs.  You are then required to consider how the supply chain can be improved. In doing this, you need to evaluate the design and operation of the whole supply chain and how performance is measured.  Make recommendations as to how improvements can be made.

In your submission, you should demonstrate how supply chain members work together to deliver value to the end consumer.

2000 words

10 references

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Reference no: EM131173979

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