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This paper is an analysis of changes of a food/drink production of your choice and its distribution over time.

Choose one thing (which I chose TEA) and explain all the changes this product has been through since the first day of its discovery up until now. Then decide if these changes are good or bad for us? Back up and prove your ideas with evidence.

1,200 words, MLA format. At least 5primary source evidence to support whichever position you choose.

Below is a discussion board that I sent to my instructor and it also contains his answer. This discussion board can give you a start and lead you on. But please make sure you talk about the Tea in the Modern Era as well.

My discussion:

"In my second paper I am going to explore tea, one of the most ancient drinks that is still being consumed today. Not only does it have a rich history, but tea is prolific across the globe. It is consumed more than any other drink, second to only water. There are more than one origin theories for tea, but we know it has existed as a drink for nearly 5000 years and originated in China. Its use has not been limited to a beverage, but in multiple cultures it has taken on an important role in ceremony and daily routine. Due to its rich and lengthy history, there are many examples of trade and distribution changes, but I am going to focus on US tea trade. Initial tea trade in Colonial America was restricted by trade regulations from Britain and despite high demand tea was unable to be directly imported into the US. Most of us have learned or at the least heard about the "Boston Tea Party". This event was the result of frustration due to trade restrictions being imposed on the Colonies by Britain. I'll write to prove that despite being restricted, these imposed limitations were eventually beneficial for the US as it led to the Revolutionary War and without them we wouldn't have started the revolution and become an independent country."

Reference no: EM131319599

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