Analysis and comparison of the companies financing sources

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Assessment - Group Report

Learning outcomes

a) Understand and explain numerous Australian-International Financial Reporting standards relevant to reporting and an appreciation of the conceptual strengths and weaknesses of required accounting methods

b) Demonstrate work-ready disciplinary knowledge

c) Identify and assess environmental and sustainability considerations in firms external reporting.

Assessment Description:

Students are required to work in a group of 3 - 4 students in the performance of this written report. Students must register for their group with the lecturer during the first three weeks of the trimester and are not allowed to change group members afterward.

Every group for this assignment is required to select any two (2) public listed companies in the Australian Stock Exchange ASX and then write a report to evaluate their financing sources, by using their financial statements for the two years 2012 and 2013 OR for the two years 2013 and 2014.

You have to be clever and pragmatic on selecting the company. It has to be large, substantial and must have available information for desk research. You are required to explore and collect information on the company to complete this assignment. Additional research is also required for this written report.

It is highly expected from you to purport the following perspective of the report:

a. Introduction of the two selected companies

b. Identification and evaluation of the companies' financing sources

c. Analysis and comparison of the companies' financing sources

d. Summary of interesting findings and any recommendation/prediction if possible.

Reference no: EM131063267

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