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Choose one alternative fuel and describe in detail what will have to happen for it to become a significant energy supply source. Explain whether you believe this will happen. Analyse the promise and challenges associated with this supply source.

Your essay will be judged on the cogency of your argument, not any position you take on the merits or otherwise of the energy alternative you choose.


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Billions of barrels of diesel and petroleum energy are used each year all over the world on commuting, transportation and industrial use. However the deposits are depleting in a very large and unsustainable rate. The use of petroleum products are quite harmful as both their production and use are harming the environment day in and day out. To complicate the matter, there is not enough petroleum reserves to last another century.

So the sustainability is also not here. As use of more and more energy is damaging the ecosystem and polluting the environment on a permanent basis, it is necessary that the world shall look for alternative forms of energy and oil. To solve this problem we might consider the production of Bio-diesel on a mass scale and fulfil the need for an alternative and sustainable energy source. (Komers K, 2006)

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