Analyse financial and strategic plans for small business

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a) Explain and suggest solutions to the kinds of problems encountered by small and medium entrepreneurial businesses

b) Analyse and solve various business problems using case study approaches found in academic literature

c) Analyse financial and strategic plans for small business

d) Enhance skills in report writing, verbal communication and collaborative decision making.

e) Articulate the importance of ethical conduct in commercial engagements

Details of Each Assessment Item

The assessments for this subject are described below. Other assessment information and/or assistance can be found in Moodle.

Marking guides for Assessments follow the assessment descriptions. Students should compare their assessment final drafts against the

marking guide before submission.

Assessment submission is as per the instructions below. Please retain a photocopy and softcopy of all assessments.

Assessment Type: Business Plan Evaluation - Individual Case Study response

Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to critically evaluate a small business plan, and make supported recommendations to improve the plan to ensure achievement of the plan's objectives for various stakeholders. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b and c.

Topic: XYZ Business Plan 2014 - a copy of this plan is available in Moodle

Task Details:

Presentation: Students are to review the XYZ Business Plan provided in the Assessments Folder in Moodie. The review should reflect the current external environmental factors that might affect the business plan's successful achievement of objectives, given current situational factors in company's current market.

Students should use suitable, current and academically approved research to evaluate the positives and negatives of the Business plan, as if this were a real business operating in the time and location given - Sydney in 2014.

Report: Students should present this idea/venture in a 2500 word report containing:

1) A Title Page (consider the design - it needs to look attractive and professional)

2) Executive Summary

3) Table of Contents

4) Background (to the idea)

5) Mission

6) Product (Service) offering

7) Market analysis
a) Industry analysis
b) Competition

8) Primary Target market

9) Marketing
a) Product (probably similar to section 3 above - additional detail where necessary)
b) Pricing
c) Distribution
d) Promotion

10) Financial plan

11) Critical risks

12) Reference list identifying all sources used - these should also be found in the body of the report where used and referenced using Harvard - Anglia style referencing.

13) Attachments as required.

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Reference no: EM13920350

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