Analyse drivers and barriers to financial investments
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Development in Oil & Gas Retail Industries Assignment

Learning outcomes

  • Critically analyse the influence of governmental action on the profitability of oil and gas retailing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyse the factors affecting the present size and structure of the current oil and gas retail sectors and the impact of the rising price of oil.

Assignment Task

The downstream industry is characterized with low margins and returns with government regulation being a major factor in the United Kingdom however, 2030 economic forecasts predict that the refinery production in the United Kingdom will return to historical levels of utilization.

This is increasing competition from countries to attract investments from International Oil companies.

Critically analyse the drivers and barriers to financial investments in the refinery activities of the United Kingdom.


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The article is written on Development and future of Oil and Refineries in United Kingdom. It comprises the study on overall profitability and measures that needs to be taken to achieve it. The Market Competitions, Recessions and Investments are discussed in it considering future of these refineries. The article is prepared in Microsoft Word.

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    When writing the coursework task, please show understanding on the learning outcome. Use Havard Referencing and I want in- text reference, The coursework is the ASSIGNMENT TASK but show understanding on the course. Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognized authoritative sources. Audience focus. Meeting the deliverables. Rigorous use of the Harvard Methodology for citation and referencing; page numbering; correct display of direct quotations. Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion. Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models. Full articulation of ideas developed. Offering well-argued solutions and/or alternatives if and where appropriate.

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