An in-depth analysis of schizophrenia
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Final Project: Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Treatments, and Ethical Responsibility
For the Final Project, you provide an in-depth analysis of schizophrenia. You discuss major symptoms of the disorder, as well as ways in which the disorder affects the brain. You analyze the influence of the disorder on the life of affected individuals, and you explore treatments of the disorder, including "alternate" treatments and whether such treatments can be considered ethical. Finally, you reflect on ways in which culture may influence diagnosis and treatment of individuals with the disorder.

Your Final Project paper must include the following:
Provide a brief summary of major symptoms of schizophrenia
Describe the areas of the brain most impacted by this disorder
Discuss long-term implications of the disorder and give at least one example of how schizophrenia might affect one's development or independence in the world
Discuss at least three accepted treatments for schizophrenia: one treatment in the psychopharmacology area, one in the behavioral area, and one in the social/support area
Evaluate at least one "alternate" treatment for the disorder and explain whether this treatment could be an effective part of a therapeutic plan for a client with schizophrenia
Discuss whether the use of an alternate treatment is ethical-provide a rationale for your perspective
Reflect on how differences in culture may influence diagnosis and treatment of clients with schizophrenia

Your report should be 4-6 pages, not including the title page and references.

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