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1. When you're creating a blog, include one or more ________ so that your audience can receive headlines and blog-post summaries automatically.

a information portals

b newsfeed options

c email addresses

d data-retrieval links

e uniform resource locators

2. ________ for electronic media include conversations, comments and critiques, orientations, summaries, and narratives.

a Transactional methodologies

b Compositional modes

c Interactive approaches

d Shared systems

e Microblogs

3. Which of the following will help you write effective email messages?

a clarify meaning with the use of emoticons

b use all caps to bring attention to critical information

c avoid sending long, complex messages

d use as many acronyms as possible

e assume the email will be read on a large screen

4. An effective ending for a persuasive message would be:

a Be sure to tell all your friends about this exciting offer.

b Simply take the enclosed coupon to any of our service centers by June 15 for your free oil and filter change.

c Now that I have your attention, here is what to do.

d Please respond as soon as possible because this offer is not likely to last very long.

e Wouldn't you like to save some money?

5. If a supervisor tells a worker who consistently arrives late, "I know you don't want to have your pay docked," the supervisor is addressing the worker's need for

a self-actualization.

b status and esteem.

c safety and security.

d power and control.

e acceptance.

6. Marketers use quantifiable characteristics known as ________ and psychological characteristics known as ________ to help them understand the needs of an audience.

a psychometrics; cryptography

b crowdsourcing; regionalism

c selling points; desired benefits

d demographics; psychographics

e social graphics; intuitional data

7. In marketing and sales messages, the best way to handle potential objections is to

a identify them up front and try to address as many as you can.

b imply the objections stems from ignorance.

c explain why the objections aren't really important.

d suggest that anyone who has them simply needs to do more research.

e avoid mentioning them.

Reference no: EM132184572

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