An assignment on bot and boot project industries in india
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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a franchise from the public sector to finance, design, construct and operate a facility for a specified period, after which the ownership is transferred back to the public sector.

This assignment speaks of:-                              

1.    Introduction

2.    BOT industry

3.    Risk:-

  • Political Risk
  • Technical Risk
  • Financial Risk

4.    BOT model

5.    BOOT industry project

6.    BOT v/s BOOT

7.    Common elements

8.    BOOT and BOT

9.    Time lapse scenario

10.  Accounting

11.  Advantages

12.  Disadvantages

13.  Benefits of BOT

Many companies are involved in this field and contributing to the public sector with significance performance. There may be some risk also but despite that BOT & BOOT business is growing fastly.

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