An analyst has timed metal-cutting operation

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An analyst has timed a metal-cutting operation for 50 cycles. The average time per cycle was 10.7 minutes, and the standard deviation was 1.20 minutes for a worker with a performance rating of 133 percent. Assume an allowance of 15 percent of job time. Find the standard time for this operation. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your final answer to 2 decimal places.)

Standard time minutes

Reference no: EM131437631

How would custom and tradition impact

How would custom and tradition impact or create a conflict in workplace? Give specific example? How will you as a HR manager, would you handle conflict arising from or a rfequ

Small business closes their doors within the first two years

60% of small business closes their doors within the first two years of being open. This can happen for a variety of reasons .Not only understand that sometimes businesses fail

Starbucks biggest growth is in its international segment

Starbucks biggest growth is in its International segment. Under Starbucks international strategy, it should transfer its core competencies and capabilities country to country.

Car company discovered that there gas feed problem

A car company discovered that there a gas feed problem and possible an overheated vehicle. The CEO and chief designer did not want to tell public (hiding) the problem. What wi

Stakeholder importance

Are you a stakeholder in Post University? Next week, in all your courses, you’re going to be asked to complete your student survey. Big deal… Why should your instructors care

Manufacture each type of perfume

Goethe’s Co., produces Brute and Chanelle perfumes. The raw material needed to manufacture each type of perfume can be purchased for $3 per pound. Processing 1 lb of raw mater

What is resource and what are classical kinds of resources

What is a resource and what are the classical kinds of resources? How are resources measured? Why is it not possible to summarize resources based upon their specific unit of m

Discuss different communication-facilitative-collaborative

You should discuss the different communication, facilitative, collaborative, and teamwork skills developed at workplace. As well as the coursework that helped you to develop t


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