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1. ABC Company writes 243 checks a day for an average amount of $553 each. These checks generally clear the bank in 5 days. In addition, the firm generally receives an average of $140,484 a day in checks that are deposited immediately. Deposited funds are available in 1 days. What is the firm's net float?

2. As of this morning, your firm had a ledger balance of $3,634 with no outstanding deposits or checks. Today, your firm deposited 5 checks in the amount of $238 each and wrote 12 checks in the amount of $987 each. What is the amount of the disbursement float as of the end of the day?

3. ABC Company has annual sales of $342,293 and cost of goods sold of $198,600. The average accounts receivable balance is $99,490. How many days on average does it take the firm to collect its accounts receivable? Assume 365 days.

Reference no: EM131402177

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