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A manager states, "It is difficult for Americans to develop a world perspective. It's hard for them to see that what may optimize the worldwide position may not optimize the U.S. activities." Discuss whether you believe this to be true or not. Please support your assertions.

Reference no: EM132280867

Computer purchase decision process

Compose a one paragraph recommendation of your chosen computer purchase decision process for the work environment based on your research. This is in addition to the summary.

Somerset furniture company global supply chain

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following questions: Discuss Somerset's global supply chain and possible remedies for its supply chain problems.

Show organizational components and change

Apart from culture what other organizational components are required to support change and what do you think about alignment of size, structure, and complexity of firms?

Difference between fifo and lifo

The difference between FIFO and LIFO is FIFO refers to the practice of firms, when making sales, assuming that the inventory that came in last (at a higher price) is being s

Young and healthy to encourage enrollment

The uninsured healthy and young take good health for granted, are tech-savvy, and have low motivation to enroll in a current health care plan. What market techniques would a

Dimensions of culture proposed by hofstede

Describe the four dimensions of culture proposed by Hofstede. What are the managerial implications of these dimensions? Compare the findings with those of Trompenaars and th

Return on investment and cost analysis

Imagine it is your task to calculate ROI for a hypothetical training program. Determine one key element that would factor into your calculation of ROI, and identify the aspe

Measures of quality for the project

As a Project Manager, identify a project and establish at least three measures of quality for the project. The measures can be for inputs, processes, outputs, or some other


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