American with disabilities act - what ada entails

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From the list below, pick a topic for the Assignment. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the topic you have chosen. Using 8-10 content slides, present information that will give the viewer an overview of the topic. Be sure to address any controversies surrounding the topic. Cite at least 4 resources that you used to support your work, using APA formatting. Include a title slide and a reference slide.


• American with Disabilities Act - what ADA entails, how to implement it, examples of accommodations etc.

• IEP Process: define participants and their roles, sample IEP, IEP content, measurable goals and objectives (what does it mean, examples)

• IFSP (same content as IEP)

• Early intervention programs/Assessment/Strategies

• Response to Intervention

• Autism - characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies

• ADHD - characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies

• Learning Disabilities - characteristics, issues for education, educational and instructional strategies

• Behavior Modification Programs: guiding principles, why they work, examples of classroom management techniques. Functional Behavioral Analysis, ABC analysis (antecedent behavior consequence)

• Assessment strategies and alternate assessment strategies for exceptional children

• Effect of disabilities on families/ support for families /family resources

• Evidence based strategies for teaching children with disabilities

• NCLB and children with disabilities

• Transitional and Vocational Planning

• Assistive technology for various disabilities, augmentative and alternative communication devices

• Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism

• Gifted Education

• Differential Instruction

• Co-teaching, multi-age classrooms, other teaching strategies

• You may propose a topic for approval

Reference no: EM13977809

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