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Alternating Treatment Design Graph Scoring Guide.

Using Microsoft Excel, sketch a line graph that communicates quantitative relationships in an alternating treatment design with hypothetical data. Be sure to include all six components of a complete graph. Assume that you have recorded data for a target behavior of two individuals in a single setting to demonstrate the effects of two treatments that include both a fear and anxiety reduction procedure and cognitive behavior modification to decrease their levels of anxiety.

Be sure to include these components in your graph:

A chart title.

Both axis labels on the graph.

Condition labels.

Figure caption.

Series labels for each intervention.

Be sure that the data series represent dependent behavior consistently through the graph.

You will be submitting only two graphs for this assignment. Include specific labels about the behavior recorded and treatment phases. This assignment will continue in the next unit, as you will be required to provide a detailed report of your hypothetical design. Refer now to next week''s assignment to understand its requirements and how it may impact your graph this week.

Review the Alternating Treatment Design Graph Scoring Guide to learn the criteria by which this assignment will be scored.

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In this assignment, we have to compare the fear and anxiety by using the bar chart for the hypothetical data. Also, we have to compare the consistency of the data.

Reference no: EM131620196

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