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Functional Requirements 
4.1 User Login / Registration 

Overview - Users will be able to register in order to use the system. If the user is register they will be prompted to enter their username and password to navigate through the system. 

Detail - Users of the system must register to use the system by providing personal information. Usernames and passwords will be generated by the system. If the user is already registered they will be prompted to enter their user name and password to gain access. First time users will be prompted to create a new account and an input information form will be displayed that must be completed prior to access. After login verification is complete, the user will be able to update their user account information and have full access to the system. 

4.2 Class Registration 

Overview- Allows users to view and register for classes offered. 

Detail- User will be able to view all classes offered for the current semester. After user selects classes, the system will prevent the user to select two courses offered at the same time. The courses will be added to student''s schedule and the student's semester bill.

4.3 Tutoring 

Overview- User will be able to schedule tutoring time to help them with the coarse workload. 

Detail - User will be able to select subject and tutoring time. The user will schedule time and show up according to the schedule. If the time selected is unavailable, user will need to re-select different time to schedule tutoring session.

4.4 Parking Permit 

Overview- Student will be able to get the parking permit. 

Detail- Student will be able to get the parking permit in order to park on campus. The student will have option to purchase two types of permits: permit for the whole year or permit for the semester. After selecting the choice student will input their vehicle information. Student will be able to pay for the permit by Credit card or a bank account. The permit can be mailed to the student, or it can be picked up at the security office at the campus by the student. Student ID is required in order to pick up parking permit.

4.5 Course and Faculty Evaluation 

Overview- User will be able to submit Survey and Give feedback about Course and Instructor. 

Detail - User may take a survey and give her/his feedback about the course and instructors quality. User will have separate box to note anything else not mentioned in the survey questionnaire. User will be able to save the progress and come back and finish it at different time. The use r will only be able to give feedback for the courses taken during the current semester.

4.6 Bookstore 

Overview- User may order books or any other school related material that is offered in the bookstore. 

Detail - User may order books and any other school related materials from the bookstore. The user has option to have items shipped with additional shipping fee, or the user may pick up all the items at the store. User will get the email confirmation when all items are all ready for pick up or shipping confirmation email with tracking number if shipping option is selected. 

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Reference no: EM13718102

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