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In groups based on themes from the course readings all students are required to select an article or text and facilitate a class activity/discussion. Students are arranged in groups of 3-5 and each member is given 5-7 minutes to orally present their interpretations of the material. Each Thematic Reading Group is given a total of approximately 20-25 (depending on the size) minutes to present all their information/analysis. Part of students' overall grade is based upon their organizational ability to keep within these time limits.

All members are required to participate and to creatively present their ideas, reflections or critical commentary. Groups are expected to address the key themes and incorporate examples from lectures, class discussions, and assigned readings. Students are encouraged to explore areas of interest to them, and explain if they agree or disagree with the author's point of view. Groups are encouraged to draw parallels between readings and their own personal experiences. Each group selects a coordinator who helps assign articles, prepare visual aids as well as questions, comments, or activities they present to the class.

On the day of the presentation each group must submit a one-two page outline to the instructor that lists the people on their team, the name of their article/text, and the key points of their assigned readings. In addition, each student is required to submit a copy of their power point presentation to the Instructor in class as well as on line.

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Reference no: EM13872145

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