Alga has invaded waters of california
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A killer alga has invaded waters off California. In June 2004, biologists recognized a Caulerpa taxifolia mutant as an alien invader in San Diego area. This alga normally grows in warm waters of Caribbean Sea, however it can survive colder waters of the Pacific Coast, and if not controlled, could spread from the California south to Peru.

Where does this killer come from? As innocent as it seems, it was bred for home aquariums, and then was probably dumped into water system, where it began to regenerate prolifically. The alga is so adaptive that it may overtake normal flora of an area, outstripping and outcompeting all other living plants. Currently, 10 patches of the killer alga have been sighted off the California coast, and they are being watched closely by the Southern California Caulerpa Action Team.

The U.S government has placed this strain of C.taxifolia on noxious weed list, which means that any possible source of the contamination of the weed will be highly restricted. Shipments that contain any kind of C.taxifolia and pass through an area where variety is established, or thought to be established, will be refused entry. Whether you think this is really that big a deal?

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