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Please note that you are required to support your strategy with professional or industry-related resources (at least three) and follow APA guidelines for style and format.

Your airline''s strategy should contain the following:

A strategy for your airline based out of Las Vegas as a regional size company.

A mission and vision for your airline that illustrates your basic philosophy. (be aggressive or conservative?

An explanation of how you plan to run your airline. Support your plan with at least three referenced sources.

This is a great chance for your team to be creative! Design a logo, develop a slogan, and so on. You are not required to follow any particular format. However, your airline's strategy should look professional and address all the elements completely.


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Introduction 2
Purpose 2
Mission Statement 2
Vision Statement 2
Strategy Statement 2
Rational for the Research 2
Operating Environment 3
SWOT Analysis 3
Strategic Considerations 3
Courses of Action 4
Considerations for Achievement of Purpose, Goals and Mission 4
Competitive Framework 4
PESTLE Analysis 4
Key Strategies for Courses of Action 5
Goals and Objectives 6
Action Plan 6
Operating Guidelines and Organizational Feedback 6
Summary 7
References 8

Apex Airlines is a low- cost airline of America under the ownership of Allegiant Travel Co. operating chartered and scheduled flights. The company holds the vision of operating with almost 1,800 employees and with the capitalization of market at a value of more than 3.1 billion US Dollars. The corporate headquarters are located in Nevada, Las Vegas that has been identified as an unincorporated suburb. The aim of this paper is focused on introducing a strategy for providing the major stakeholder with the rational and information used for development of the values, mission and purpose of the company. This particular strategy will help in highlighting the process of decision making, approach of management for creation of this strategy, identification of guiding factors, and the current environment of the industry. This will support the provision of better success opportunities to sustain success in the longer run with major scope of sustainability.

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