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Air pollution is an environmental health problem in many cities in the world. Residents in an urban community through which a major freeway transportation route runs are suffering from a number of health effects. The local organization arranges for you, a health educator, to consult with a nurse from a local community-clinic to assist her in planning and implementing a program that will address reducing exposure of the community, particularly children, to air pollution and reducing the impact of air pollution on the community.

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you do the following:

1. Describe the common health problems associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution in urban settings.

2. Describe why children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollutants.

3. Describe how you would, as a Health Educator and consultant in this multi-disciplinary team, assist the nurse to plan and implement a program that will reduce the exposure of this community to air pollution as well as reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of children. In your answer, make sure to include preventive steps that can be taken by the community (home and school, for example) to reduce the exposure of children to air pollutants.

Please be sure to support your opinion with evidence from the literature. 

Assignment Expectations:
Use information from the modular background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. 

LENGTH: 2-3 pages typed and double-spaced, in addition to a cover page.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Precision: The question of the assignment is specifically addressed in the paper. Health effects of air pollution are presented. The vulnerability of children to air pollution health effects is described. The paper describes the role of the health educator in assisting the local nurse in planning and implementing a program that will reduce the exposure of this community to air pollution as well as reduce the impact of air pollution on their health, particularly the health of children. 

Clarity: The paper reads clearly, it is not confusing. It is well structured.

Breadth: The paper presents appropriate breadth by presenting several health effects. Also, it has a good description of how the health educator plans to assist the nurse in the planing and implementation of a program to reduce exposure of the community, particularly children, to air pollution and to reduce the impact of air pollution on the community.

Depth: The paper describes well the concepts presented and the concepts are well supported by findings or examples from the literature. These concepts include health effects of air pollution, vulnerability of children to these health affects, and the needs assessment plan that the health educator will conduct and then implementing the plan.

Application: The paper shows your ability to apply the concepts of planning and implementing a health education program to educating a community about the health risks of air pollution and how these risks can be managed, reduced or prevented. In this setting, air pollution mainly from transportation emissions from a nearby freeway, is the source of health hazard and children's health that needs to be protected. 

References: A reference list is provided at the end of your paper (APA formatting is not required but is highly recommended).

Reference no: EM13196443

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