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Pomona hires Tom to renovate her farm house and repair some minor damages for $1000. Tom informs her that it will take him at least 6 months to complete the work. Discuss whether the parties in question have to enter into a written agreement for such contract to be enforceable.

Reference no: EM131135625

Sentencing goals and philosophical rationales

Judges have specific philosophical rationales and sentencing guidelines when providing a judgment over presented facts. If you were a judge, what would be your sentencing goal

Linear programming model-type of photograph-developing fluid

Photo Chemicals produces two types of photograph-developing fluids. Both products cost Photo Chemicals $1 per gallon to produce. Based on an analysis of current inventory leve

Case study-american multinational enterprise

Overseas, an American multinational enterprise with its headquarters in New York. After giving the minister of finance of state X a valuable piece of diamond

Contrast contract conditions and contract covenants

Compare and contrast contract conditions and contract covenants. Provide an example of concealment that could rise to the level of fraud. Would it justify rescission of the co

Review and revision of draft operations management plan

Review and revision of Draft Operations Management Plan to reflect the literature and feedbacks. Design of Operations Management Plan structure, style and presentation and Ope

Get license from the government of developing nation

A Western firm is trying to get a license from the government of a developing nation to set up a factory in that country. The firm knows that the factory will bring many benef

Expensive piece of wearable electronic equipment

DLW, Inc sells the next great thing, which is a very expensive piece of wearable electronic equipment. Not that many people can afford it, but those who can also can afford to

Graphical linear programming best production mix-yard gates

The Jean-Pierre Amor Company manufactures two lines of designer yard gates, called model A and model B. every gate requires blending a certain amount of steel and zinc; the co


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