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Program sponsorship is one way for advertisers to cut through the clutter of television advertising. Propose existing and potential television shows or specials that would present powerful sponsorship opportunities for the sports-drink maker Gatorade. Identify any additional marketing opportunities that could accompany such a sponsorship.

Reference no: EM131145973

About the product strategy

Briefly describe a product or service. Where is it in the product development life cycle? What recommendations do you have for improving the offering to fit a target market’s

About the pricing strategy

Briefly describe pricing for your example of product or service. How does this compare to competitors, assuming competitors are at or near break-even point with their pricing?

Bidding on follow-up government contract

Jack Simpson, contract negotiator for Nebula Airframe Company, is currently involved in bidding on a follow-up government contract. In gathering cost data from the first three

Laws prohibiting guns in public buildings are constitutional

Review the case District of Columbia v. Heller (2008). In Heller, the Court suggests that concealed carry laws and laws prohibiting guns in public buildings are constitutional

What are the sources of the grape farmers power

LVMH is a luxury brands company that controls many of the top champagne brands and dominates the $5.4 billion global champagne market. LVMH has gotten to this position by acti

Describe the organizational culture at your school or job

Describe the organizational culture at your school or job. How would knowledge of this particular organization's culture help a B2B salesperson sell products or services to th

Order to reach their targeted salaries

Bill and Jane have been offered jobs where they will be paid strictly on commissions. They expect to receive 4% commissions on all sales of Solar Panels they close. Jane’s goa

Make buying opportunities more convenient and efficient

In 300 words Give some examples of companies that have grown to dominate their market segment by using technology to make buying opportunities more convenient and efficient.


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