Advantages of a limited liability corporation

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Advantages of a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) include all of the following EXCEPT a) unrestricted member participation in management. B) pass-through taxation benefits of a partnership. c) advantages of limited liability. d) limited number of shareholders.

Reference no: EM131033482

Sales reps sometimes resort to overly aggressive tactics

There have been reports of cell phone service sales representatives who actually lie to get customers to extend their contracts, or even extend their contracts without the cus

Terms of forecasting labor demand and supply

Assume you were a large and well-established company that was no facing a labor surplus in some job category. Why might it be in your best interest to use some method other th

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Assume for a moment that you were a large and well-established company, but learned recently that many of the people you were recruiting were choosing to go to smaller and les

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You are an employee in a retail store. You have seen an Assistant Manager in the company take merchandise home after store hours, without paying for the merchandise. You also

Long-run average number of customers in the system

Potential customers arrive at a fast-food take-out according to a Possion process with average rate of 3 customers per minute. Potential customers enter only if there is space

Long-run average number of requests in the system

Requests arrive at a web server according to a Poisson process with λ = 20 requests per minute. The service times at the web server are proportional to the size of the documen

Obtain the steady-state distribution of number of customers

Customers arrive at a single convenience store check out counter according to a Poisson process with an average of 10 customers per hour. Customers are served one after the ot

Values greater of equal to zero are referred

In linear programming, constraints that satisfy the restriction that a decision variable(s) must have values greater of equal to zero are referred to as: Optimal. Feasible. Ne


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