Adequate stimulus for receptors in the ear

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What do you think is the adequate stimulus for receptors in the ear? Can you think of a stimulus that would inappropriately activate the sensory receptors in the ear if the stimulus had enough intensity?

Reference no: EM131408673

How does this help to decrease lower extremity edema explain

A 75 year old has lower extremity edema due to congestive heart failure. She is prescribed furosemide, a diuretic that works on the Loop of Henle to reabsorb fluid. How does

Three point test cross with genes

If you did a three-point test cross with genes A, B and C, and only genes A and B were linked, what recombinant frequencies would you see for the 3 pairs of genes, AB, AC, and

Which molecule(s) would dissolve in water

Which molecule(s) would dissolve in water based on polarity? Select all that apply.  A. CH4  B. C2H6  C. C6H6  D. CH3CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2OH  E. C5H10

Relationship between death before age five

A researcher should use what regression technique to examine the relationship between death before age five and the presence of phenylketonuria, low birth weight and prematu

Dehydration due to hyperemesis gravidarum

The patient, at 10 weeks gestation, was admitted for severe dehydration due to hyperemesis gravidarum. The  patient had glaucoma, and treatment with eye drops was continued

Determine the location of the genes

In a certain plant, fruit is either red or yellow, and fruit shape is either oval or long. Red and oval are the dominant traits. Two plants, both heterozygous for these traits

What is the most likely cause for this patient anemia

50 year old male complains of weakness and exertional shortness of breath. He denies any chest pain. He golfs twice a week and runs two miles every other day but the runs ha

The autosomal recessive disorder phenyketonuria or pku

The common ancestor in the first generation has the autosomal recessive disorder phenyketonuria or PKU.  There was a marriage between second cousins with an impending birth. 


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