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1. How much would homeowner receive with actual cash-value coverage and replacement cost coverage for a three-year old sofa destroyed by a fire? The sofa would cost $1,200 to replace today, whereas it cost $942 three years ago, and it has an estimated life of six years.

With actual cash-value coverage, the amount the owner would receive for the sofa would be ?

2. Is it possible for the USA to be based entirely on services with no manufacturing? What would the USA look like?

3. 2-3 paragraph response. Explain why working for almost any organization may be ethically troubling.

Reference no: EM132280647

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What effect does employee monitoring have on employee morale

Without the illegal disclosure of top-secret documents by Edward Snowden, the PRISM program may never have been discovered. Were Snowden’s actions ethical? What is your opinio


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