Ackpacker''s hostel in the heart of rishikesh box

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Requirement of assignment:--1. Backpacker's hostel in the heart of Rishikesh box to be removed just keep the text

2. Change the Café name with "Rooftop Café"

3. Rejuvenate and enjoy your stay at the Ba

??ckpacker's Hostel, We offer more than just Bed and Food, It's an experience for the travelers, From Bunk Stay you are sure to take back lot of good memories. The Place is relaxing and quite. You will be at a quiet and convenient location in the middle of the world yoga capital. Every evening the rooftop café offer complimentary Sun Set Tea and offer Freshly Prepared Vegan & Vegetarian Breakfast. Enjoy your stay with us and give us feedback so that we can improve.
4. Here's what we offer

5. Nice Sunset view and amazing rooftop for the guests. Common Room with games and a Flat screen for movie nights every day. Rooms with daily cleaning, toiletries included and clean linen. Services and Facilities including Transport, Yoga and Clean water etc. Good Food at the café. Discover with us the holy city of Rishikesh and hidden gems around the hostel.

6. Facilities, Services and Activities

· Sleep : Shared and Private Rooms featuring Lockers, Hot Shower, Ensuite bathroom, Hair Dryer, Clean Drinking Water, Toiletries
· Eat and Drink : Indian, Continental and Chinese Food. Hot and Cold drinks with Complimentary evening tea. Opening Hours 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM.
· Enjoy : Free WiFi, Yoga on the rooftop, Evening Sunset with complimentary tea, Waterfall and village treks
· Discover : Hidden Gems in Rishikesh i.e places to eat or waterfalls and Sunrise points, Handicraft, Temples and Caves
· Things To Do : Rafting, Air Safari, Bungee Jumping, Sight Seeing or City tours, Massage and Spa, Yoga & Meditation, Cooking


Reference no: EM131324444

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