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Consider an espresso stand with a single barista. Customers arrive at the stand at the rate of 30 per hour according to a Poisson distribution. Service times are exponentially distributed with a service rate of 40 customers per hour. a.) The average number of customers in the system (i.e., waiting and being served) is b.) The probability that the server is idle is

Reference no: EM131039444

Fourth quarter using three-quarter-weighted moving average

Develop a forecast for the fourth quarter using a three-quarter, weighted moving average. Weight the most recent quarter 0.50, the second most recent 0.25, and the third 0.25.

Calculate the annual holding cost plus annual ordering cost

The current ordfer quantity for my paste pin wheels is 200 boxes. The order cost is $4 per order, the holding cost is $0.40 per box per year, and the annual demand is 500 boex

What is the probability that he will win the reduced amount

Samuel Cartwright is suing over a workmanship defect in a data backup system that cost him 3 years of client data. He is suing for $1 million, and the manufacturer is offering

Builds cooling systems for industrial plants

Turbo Coolers Inc. builds cooling systems for industrial plants. A Type A cooler takes 80 W of power, fills two equipment bays, and can cool 18 liters of fluid per minute unde

According to dirks trust plays an important role

Compare and contrast Murphy’s definition of leadership with that provided by Bass. What are the distinguishing features of leadership as seen by Hollander and Julian (1969)?. 

Spam practices are regulated by which government entity

Spam practices are regulated by which government entity? The Federal Trade Commission The Federal Communications Commission The Federal Antitrust Commission The Executive Offi

Nonprofit agencies in addressing public problems

Discuss the changing roles of public, private, and nonprofit agencies in addressing public problems. What difficulties might a public manager face in trying to implement manag

Limited communication is particularly vital

Alan Westin views that limited communication is particularly vital in which communities due to heightened stimulation and continuous physical and psychological confrontations


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