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Jamila is involved in an auto accident during the current year that totally destroys her car. She purchased the car two years ago for $28,000. Jamila used the car in her business 75% of the time over the past two years. She had properly deducted $4,000 in depreciation for the business use of the car. The fair market value of the car before the accident is $16,000. The insurance company reimburses her $12,000. Assuming that Jamila has an adjusted gross income of $45,000 during the current year before considering the effect of the auto accident, what is the effect of the accident on her taxable income?

Reference no: EM13991909

Effect of the casualty on her taxable income

The fair market value of the condominium before the fire was $160,000, and her adjusted basis in the rental unit is $20,000. Assume that Marsha's adjusted gross income before

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The insurance adjuster estimates that the damage to the basement and its contents is $13,500. Ghon and Li do not have flood insurance, so the insurance company will reimburs

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Unsure of the outcome of the lawsuit, Leona sells 300 shares of the stock for $5,400 on October 12, 2010. What is her recognized gain or loss on the sale of the Ross stock?

Problem regarding the effects of the december

On November 24, he purchases an additional 350 shares for $6,300. Ed sells the original 500 shares for $10,000 on December 14. What are the effects of the December 14 sale?

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Howard Company is 100% owned by Rona. During the current year, Howard sells some land to Rona for $50,000 that had cost Howard $80,000 and that had a fair market value of

Determining the ordinary income property

What is Jana's maximum deduction if the property is ordinary income property? What is Jana's maximum deduction if the property is long-term capital gain property? How would yo


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