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(Spot exchange rate) Suppose 1 year ago, Miller Company had inventory in Britain valued at 1.5 million Swiss Francs. The exchange rate for dollars to Francs was 1 Franc = 1.15 dollars. Today, the exchange rate is one Swiss franc equals 1.06 U.S. dollars. The inventory in Switzerland is still valued at 1.5 million francs. What is the U.S. dollar gain or loss in inventory value as a result of the change in exchange rates? Enter a positive number for a gain and negative for a loss.

Reference no: EM13970908

Percentage change in price of bond sam

Both Bond Sam and Bond Dave have 8 percent coupons, make semi annual payments, and are priced at par value. Bond Sam has four years to maturity, whereas Bond Dave has 17 years

Considering change in its capital structure

Beckman Engineering and Associates (BEA) is considering a change in its capital structure. BEA currently has $20 million in debt carrying a rate of 7%, and its stock price is

Value bond outstanding with coupon rate

Yan Yan Corp. has a $10,000 par value bond outstanding with a coupon rate of 5.2 percent paid semi annually and 28 years to maturity. The yield to maturity on this bond is 4.3

Correlation coefficient between the returns of two stocks

The covariance of the returns between Willow Sock and Sky Diamond Stock is 0.0790. The variance of Willow is 0.1860, and the variance of Sky Diamond is 0.1460. What is the cor

What is the expected life for the employee stock option

What is the (risk-neutral) expected life for the employee stock option in Example?-  What is the value of the option obtained by using this expected life in Black-Scholes- M

Mortgage with biweekly payments

Five years ago you took out a 15-year mortgage with biweekly payments (you make a payment every two weeks) to purchase your home. The interest rate is 7% per year and the biwe

What is pre-tax cost of debt-effective annual return

Avicorp has $14.2 million debt issue outstanding, with a 6.1% coupon rate. The debt has semi-annual coupons, the next coupon is due in six months, and the debt matures in five

Additional cash must you deposit in your brokerage account

The price of a share of A stock is $60.90 and you sells short 5,000 shares. The broker’s initial margin requirement is 50% and you deposits additional cash into your brokerage


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