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The Good Life

Explain the political and ethical dimension of existentialism and at least one other social philosophy that addresses discrimination on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, class, and/or sexual identity. The explanation of existentialism should discuss the following ideas: authenticity, ambiguity, freedom, anxiety, and bad faith.

Choose a social justice issue. A social justice issue is one that characterizes and critiques a given practice, policy/law, and/or situation as unfair, unjust, and/or unethical. For example, you might discuss a specific example of discrimination on the basis of gender/sex, race, sexual identity, ethnicity, or religious faith; economic injustice/wage inequality; taxation; or a violation of an asserted human right, such as the right to gun ownership, healthcare, education, or freedom from undue government interference. A good topic will make claims to both political/social justice and ethics. Analyze the issue and discuss how some of the theories explained in parts 1-3 might relate to the issue. You may need to do additional research on the issue in order to complete this part of the assignment.

Write your response in 1000-1200 words count, include the references in End.

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Reference no: EM13779858

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