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You may recall hearing about a past legal case in which a woman sued McDonalds because of burns she received when hot coffee spilled in her lap. At the time, she was riding in her nephew’s sports car as they purchased the coffee at McDonalds’ drive-thru. There were no cup holders in his car, forcing her to hold the coffee. She put it between her legs and was burned when she took off the lid and the coffee spilled. Her claim was that the coffee should not be served so hot or that, at the very least, there should have been a warning that the coffee was at a temperature that it could burn skin to the extent she experienced. McDonalds believed customers wanted their coffee that hot, that she should have expected it to be that hot, and that they were not responsible for customer spills. Ultimately, she won a substantial financial award from this lawsuit.

A. Putting aside the legal question, what might have been one or two ethical issues for her to consider when deciding whether to sue the company? (Be as specific as possible and clearly explain the relevant connections to this situation.)

Reference no: EM132233961

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