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1. About "Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply:Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments" How do you think this policy on provisions would differ from a policy on capital requirements?

2. The dynamic provision policy was given by a formula imposed by the central bank. It could have been a discretionary approach (determined on a case by case basis by regulators). How would banks’ behavior differ in the case of a discretionary approach? What if the discretion belonged to the banks themselves?

Reference no: EM131095557

Do price reductions always result in higher profits

Do price reductions always result in higher profits? For example, if the demand for a firm's product is price inelastic, will the firm increase its profits by cutting its pric

Two investment opportunities

Two investment opportunities are as follows: For A: First cost = $150, Uniform annual benefit = 25, End-of-useful-life salvage value = 20, Useful life = 15 years. At the end o

Hypothetical-short-run aggregate demand curve

Should the government use monetary and fiscal policy in an effort to stabilize the economy? The following questions address the issue of how monetary and fiscal policies affec

Uncharacteristically well-behaved moment

Jack is looking to replace the recently sunk Black Pearl. In an uncharacteristically well-behaved moment, he considers buying a new ship with his pirate's hoard of gold. But w

The marginal cost is a constant

If the marginal cost is a constant of 6, would that mean it is an economy of scale or diseconomy? My first thought was that it would be a diseconomy since I thought MC needed

Suppose the economy has a natural rate of unemployment

Suppose the economy has a natural rate of unemployment of 6%. Suppose short-run output over the next 4 years is +1%, 0%, -1%, and -2%. According to Okun’s law, what unemployme

Stimulus package by using the income multiplier

Please analyze the stimulus package by using the income multiplier. (A tax rebate is a decrease in autonomous tax, the To in the total tax formula mentioned in class).

Using standard demand and supply analysis

Assume that books were sold in a perfectly competitive market. In response to consumer complaints about the high price of books, the government imposes a binding (effective) p


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