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1. Which of the following is true about in-groups versus out-groups?

In-groups are groups of people not belonging to one's own group.
The competition between in-groups and out-groups is seldom friendly.
In-groups can promote very negative attitudes toward out-groups.
In-groups are groups that set a standard for guiding our own behavior and attitudes.

2. An expressive leader's main focus is to _____.

accomplish group tasks
carry out his/her role even if he/she alienates other members of the group
complete tasks
ensure group harmony

3. What did Philip Zimbardo conclude from his prison experiment?

The normal group processes that make social life possible also can lead people to conform to standards most of us would reject.
The guards' and prisoners' behavioral problems must have stemmed from the social structure of the prison experience and the roles each group was expected to play.
Members may decide their own perceptions are wrong because they see other group members perceiving things differently and begin to doubt their own perceptive abilities.
The extreme behaviors arise from the abnormal personalities of guards and prisoners.

4. Asch's experiment indicated that groups induce _____ because members feel pressured to adapt so as not to alienate other members.


5. Milgram concluded that people are totally willing to obey authority even if it means inflicting great harm on others.


6. Whether a behavior is considered deviant depends on _____.

the circumstances in which the behavior occurs
whether the behavior is viewed as deviant by the individual itself
the behavior itself
when the individual accepts the acts as deviant

7. According to Emile Durkheim, deviance serves several important functions for society. Which of the following is one of them?

Deviance clarifies social norms and increases conformity.
Deviance results from being labeled a deviant.
Deviance weakens social bonds among the people reacting to the deviant.
Differential access to illegitimate means affects the type of deviance in which individuals experiencing strain engage.

8. As per the labeling theory, _____.

labeling someone deviant increases the chances that the labeled person will continue to commit deviance
the labeled person ends up with a deviant self-image that leads to less deviance offenders treated more harshly by the criminal justice system are less apt to commit new offenses than those treated less harshly
if someone is arrested and imprisoned, the labeled person will be deterred from committing crime again

9. Which of the following is true about deviance?

It refers to ways in which society tries to prevent behavior that violates norms.
It refers to ways wherein society tries to sanction behavior that violates norms.
It is behavior that arouses negative social reactions.
It is behavior that complies with social norms.

10. According to the status frustration theory, _____.

a subculture of violence in inner-city areas promotes a violent response to problems
delinquency results from school failure and the related need to regain self-esteem by being successful in criminal activities
delinquency results from weak bonds to conventional social institutions
delinquency stems from focal concerns, a taste for trouble, toughness, cleverness, and excitement

11. Social change refers to the _____.

changes in people's attitude towards others and others' beliefs
the process of forming a new culture by combining two complimentary cultures
change in demographic indicators such as population, growth rate, and death rate
transformation of culture, behavior, social institutions, and social structure

12. Why might some people resist social change?

They fear change.
All of the answers.
They are opposed to the technology behind the change.
It may be costly to change.

13. Social movements differ from other types of collective behavior in that they:

tend to persist longer.
are less predictable.
tend to be more irrational.
are more spontaneous.

14. Which of the following is (are) necessary conditions for a social movement to start?

All of the above
a coherent ideology
the appropriate resources
a precipitating incident

15. _____ movement goes one large step further than a reform movement in seeking to overthrow the existing government and to bring about a new one and even a new way of life.


16. _____ movement, seeks limited, though still significant, changes in some aspect of a nation's political, economic, or social systems.


17. The Sierra Club is a classic ______ movement that lobbies within the existing political system to promote legislation protecting the environment.


18. In "Creating a More Just and Sustainable World" the authors, in talking about individuals making a change, discuss:

Registering to vote makes the biggest difference.
Contemplating one's values, realizing our interconnections with others and choosing to take action, even if it means going against the status quo.
Celebrating our "dualism" and being in a perpetual state of change.
None of the answers.

19. In the article "Creating a More Just and Sustainable World" the authors mention that "social problems have structural foundations". What they mean by this is:

Changing societal institutions will solve social problems.
Changing peoples' attitudes will solve social problems.
Men's abuse towards women is embedded in what the media shows us.
We have to look at how buildings are structured.

20. Which is NOT one of the authors' "lessons" in "Creating a More Just and Sustainable World"?

Societies are in a perpetual state of change.
It is easy to deviate from the mainstream.
Your actions make a difference.
We are all connected.

Reference no: EM13505940

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