About half of the paid lobbyists

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About half of the paid lobbyists in Washington are former government staff members or former members of Congress. Why would interest groups employ such people? Why might some reformers want to limit the ability of interest groups to employ them? On what basis might an interest group argue that such limits are unconstitutional? In 75 to 150 words only.

Reference no: EM13996858

What is the unregulated price-quantity pair

Suppose that a monopolist sells a product to consumers with an aggregate inverse demand that is downward sloping in quantity, P(Q) = 1, 000 − 4Q. The total cost of producing Q

Pollution reduction costs for each firm-government revenues

Two power plants are currently emitting 8,000 tons of pollution each (for a total of 16,000 tons). Pollution reduction costs for Plant 1 are given by MCR 1 = 0.02 Q and for Pl

Hands of management and inhibit efficient decision making

Unions tie the hands of management and inhibit efficient decision making. Unions contribute to economic efficiency in that union wage pressure hastens the weeding out of the h

Describe how the equilibrium changes

Suppose that the demand curve for wheat is Q = 100 − 10p and the supply curve is Q = 10p. The government imposes a price ceiling of p = 3. Describe how the equilibrium changes

Problems associated with active discretionary fiscal policy

Some examples of political problems associated with active discretionary fiscal policy are.... [Select two] Recognition lag taxpayer-funded favors to special interests Action

According to conventional analysis- about consumer behavior

According to conventional analysis, all consumer decisions are made with just a few assumptions about human behavior, given these, the consumer is then said to maximize their

Considering using some debt-capital structure

Gator Fabrics Inc. currently has zero debt (i.e., wd = 0). It is a zero growth company, and additional firm data are shown below. Now the company is considering using some deb

Code of ethics say about financial conflicts of interest

Sharon Gillespie, a new buyer at Visionex, Inc., was reviewing quotations for a tooling contract submitted by four suppliers. She was evaluating the quotes based on price, tar


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