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AB Resources Introduction

A measured project delivery approach would drive a project cost, its quality of design, construction, long term operation and maintenance and project completion deadlines/timelines. Project owners improve their success rates by conducting a thorough assessment of the key objectives for their project and the various delivery strategies that are available to them. The range of project delivery possibilities could be from where the owners are fully involved to where their involvement is at a minimal level. The project owner's goals and organizational nature would dictate the available project delivery strategies and or methodology. We shall try and examine the various aspects of project delivery methodology using the case study of AB resources.

Write a report on "AB Resources", Your report must include following indexes

Table of Contents:
1. Form of Specification
2. Evaluation of Contractor Submissions
3. Post bid evaluation and competitive tension
4. Recommended Contracting Method
5. How contractors to participate in the bid process
6. Steps for preparation of the project
7. Financing option

Word Limit: 3500-4000 Words
References#: Required more than 10

Reference no: EM131027919

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