A top executive claimed that top-level management

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A top executive claimed that top-level management   is craft technolgy becuase the work contains intangibles, such as handing personnel, interpreting the environment, and coping with unucal situations that have to be learned through experience. If this is true, is it appropriate to teach management in a business school? Does teaching management from a textbook assume that the manger's job is analyzable and hence that formal training rather than experience is most important?

Reference no: EM13964310

What role does supply management play in increasing sales

What role does supply management play in increasing sales? Why should the supply management professional care what is going on in the Engineering Department? Why might we see

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Analyze the four sample elevator speeches from this module. What do they have in common and how are they? different? This exercise is designed to stress the important of tryin

What is an abstract and median

What is an abstract? Research findings may be summarized rather than explained What summarizes information about the average value of a variable? What is the middle position o

Banking industry to prevent national financial disaster

What are some things that could have been done by WorldCom executives to prevent the accounting scandal? Make an ethics program for the banking industry to prevent another nat

Create a eight to twelve-page corporate policy

Create a eight to twelve-page corporate policy to foster creative thinking in a real-world organization. The policy must include the following components: Clearly identify the

Develop export procedures and import procedures in the us

Present considerations for Workforce Management, Investigate key regulations and other key issues (e.g. labor climate) related to managing a warehouse in Australia as a fore

Discuss about the new strategy-research support

Discussion of new strategy, research support for the strategy, knowledge of best practices in reorganization.Analysis of a new organizational structure or ownership, if neede

Change in multifactor productivity between the two systems

Woodland Furniture is a small manufacturer of kitchen chairs with 5 workers. The cost of labor is $15 per hour and workers work 40 hours in a week. The overhead cost is assume


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