A review of the movie crash
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A Review of the Movie Crash

"To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow" William Faulkner. The movie crash talks generally about racism and some disadvantage of the apartheid. In the movie, it is remarkable that the racism was between some races which are African Americans, Caucasian, Persian, Hispanic, and Asian but the film focused on the African Americans and caucasian races because it is the most common. It is recognized that this movie is more like a long story which does not have a begging and end. Additionally, Crash shows how people treat each other badly and how they think about each other in a wrong way; for instance, when the respected Hispanic man came to fix a door, the people who own that house judged that man is a gangster and he had copies of their keys and he was planning to steal them, but that was totally conflicting when the film showed his real life and his humble dreams. Also, that movie shows how some racial Caucasian and African American people treat each other; for example, the tow young African American people stole a car from Caucasian people just because they are Caucasian, one the other hand, the tow officers stopped an honorable African Americans couple and ruined their night. Moreover, the two officers treated them in an oppressive way just because of their skin's color.

In addition, racism is an old issue which every society has it, but it is wrong and everyone in the world should erase the idea that people in the world have levels and everyone in those levels should have a different kind of treatment. That's totally wrong because if we serve certain and small race of people and treat them respectfully, we would have some problems with others because they may not serve and treat us as we hope; a sample example from the movie, when the officer treated the African American couple badly, he faced some issue when he went to the hospital and asked for help because the people whom he wished to help was not from his level and he did not treated them nicely. That means everyone in the world should reach to peach because all of people have the same father and mother and they live in the same planet. It is interesting that when children are born, they do not have any idea about racism, and as they grow up, they treat people evenly. That means when we have children, we should teach them how to treat people equally. Finally, "Do as you would be done" an Arabic proverb which means treat people as you like them to treat you.

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