A project report on mutual funds
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Investment sector is growing very rapidly in India. As the Indian economy is growing, per capita income is also increasing. The investors are looking for various safe and riskless options for investment.

1. Introduction to the report

2. Mutual funds

3. Mutual Funds in India

4. Establishment and growth of UTI

5. Entry of Public sector funds

6. Emergence of private sector funds

7. Growth and SEBI regulations

8. Assets under management

9. Mergers and Acquisition

10 Present scenario of Indian mutual fund industry

11.Tabular and graphical representation

12.Impact of Global Economic crisis

13.Types of mutual funds

14.Organization of mutual funds

15.State of competition among mutual funds in India

16.Challenges before mutual funds in India

17.Benefits of Mutual Funds

18.Future of mutual funds industry

On the basis of present trend the mutual funds are mobilizing a big amount of investor's savings. The mutual fund industry will grow with the rate of 15-25% for the next coming 3 year (2010-2015).

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