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How do i sequence a peptide using treatment reagents for example the amino acid sequence is ARG,ASP,CYS,GLU,LEU,SER,THR. 1st use- Staphylococcal protease then chymotrypsin then edman's reagent and 2 nitro 5 thiocyanobenzoate. the final sequence yields 2 tripletides and a dipeptide 

Reference no: EM13823058

Calculate the total oxygen absorption

Earthworms are aerobic organisms that require oxygen to carry out cellular respiration in order to make ATP. They absorb oxygen from the surrounding soil across their moist

Safe and effective for many age types and will benefit

When working out one can choose many exercises that will strengthen muscle and burn fat. The IDEA website has many videos that will provide exercises to define and build muscl

Demonstrate that the transforming principle is dna

How might 32P and 35S be used to demonstrate that the transforming principle is DNA? Briefly outline an experiment that would show that DNA rather than protein is the transf

Structure were damaged or destroyed

Select at least 2 cell structures. What hypothesis could you form to explain what would happen to the cell or the organism if each cell structure were damaged or destroyed?

Locate and article in the business press

Locate and article in the business press or professional business publications that addresses one of the   learning objectives for the week. This article must have been publis

Discuss the immunological course of events

A patient was diagnosed with a UTI caused by E. coli. Explain the immunological course of events during the infection, development of the disease, an recovery of the patient.

Interactives help you develop how the concept works

Interactives help you develop how the concept works.  Follow through.  it will help your reading and will be less  tiring.When you have completed the simulation explain the co

Compute the dissociation rate

Bisphenol A (BPA) binds to estrogen receptor with a Kd of 2.1 x 10-7 M and an association rate of 1.3 x 106 M-1s-1. Calculate the dissociation rate, kd, including appropriat


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