A palindrome is a string

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A palindrome is a string that is spelled the same way forward and backward. some examples of palindromes are: "radar," "able was i ere i saw elba," and, if you ignore blanks, "a man a plan a canal panama." write a recursive function testPalindrome that returns 1 if the string stored in the array is a palindrome and 0 otherwise. the function should ignore spaces and punctuation in the string

Reference no: EM13205088

Find a piece of art-consider civic art

Find a piece of art. Consider civic art, sculpture, an image you have in your home, graffiti, street performance, or an art experience that you find engaging. Start by describ

Paper to use seven step model given as base line

Write down the paper which Use seven step model given as your base line. Which means you distinguish other models do not explain Methods in this paper (waterfall, rad etc...

Calculate confidence interval of mean-weschler intellegence

Calculate the 90% confidence interval of mean for Weschler intellegence test with mean of 100.00 and standard deviation of 15.00 for sample of 100 people.

Legislative structures and processes of britain

Write research paper comparing the executive and legislative structures and processes of Britain and the United States. These two countries represent the most powerful and s

Videotape jobs for later study

Under which method of analyzing jobs would you videotape jobs for later study? The statements in a job description covering job duties or essential job functions are usually a

Identify the dsm diagnostic category for the disorder

Identify the DSM diagnostic category for the disorder and distinguish between diagnostic and commonly used terminology.Identify the treatment approach for your case based upon

Systematically slaughter millions of innocent victims

David's history teacher asked him why so many people complied with orders to systematically slaughter millions of innocent victims. David suggested that the atrocities were co

Prepare a report to submit to the top management

Under a costing system that uses direct labor hours as a driver for the allocation, how much of the inspection costs would be allocated to softball machine - You will presen


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