A fuel economy study was carried out

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A Fuel economy study was carried out for five models of cars. each car was driven 100 miles, and then the model of the car and the number of gallons used were placed in a line of the file Mileage.txt. Table 7.22 shows the data for the entries of the file. Write a program to display the models and their avarage miles per gallon in decreasing order with respect to mileage. The program should utilize an array of structures with upper bound 4, where aech structure has three members. The first member should record the name of each model of car. The second member should record the number of test vehicles for each model. The third member should record the total number of gallons used by that model.














Reference no: EM13165837

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MS Forefront Threat Management Gateway is over 5 years old. What is a current MS product or feature (in it's Server 2012 release for instance) that might perform the equiva


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