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  1. 1) How would you, as a contractor speaking to a potential client, handle this situation? Often times you can explain something to someone and they still not really understand. When a potential client asks a question such as this, they want to understand how they are going to be putting their money to use. Would you explain it technically first and then use an analogy, or go straight for the analogy? Why?
  2. 2) Respond to your classmates by assuming the role of the potential client. Critically review their explanation and ask for clarification, details, or examples. Provide positive and constructive feedback and identify points that you agree or disagree with.

In my career as a Cisco VoIP engineer, I find myself in this situation more often then I would care to honestly. It tends to happen on a daily basis, multiple times a day. I generally try to explain things technically first and then go to an analogy, but I often find myself going back to the technical aspect of the question after the analogy as well. For example, right now I am working extensively with UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express), which I think is a very logical process all together, but it can be made very difficult depending on call routing and how the scripts have been written. When I explain this to people I try to find something that I can relate it to in order to help them better understand it. When it comes to the call routing piece I usually try to relate it to reading a map or choosing a route via GPS. You can choose to go the shortest route, but it may not always be the best route. When it comes to the scripting piece I often use the process of changing a tire on a car. Explaining that there are certain things you need to accomplish the task at hand successfully.



Reference no: EM13824606

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