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Expertsmind offers online tutoring programs for the students which allow each and every student to learn and get a chance to study in their zone of comfort, so they will be able to save their time without wasting it in attending the crowded coaching institutes. We cover all academic subjects, business studies, professional courses, programming subjects in our online tutoring program.. Our experts are gems in their respective areas of subject or field. They are proficient enough to deliver the lectures very efficiently and their approach towards pedagogy is very effective.

The online classes offered by Expertsmind are not just simple lectures; they are exactly like real interactive sessions where students can promptly interact with the tutor to get a proper clarification of their doubts, these classes are specifically customized for the students who are keen to learn and study on e-mode. Experts Mind brings its expert based on your skills and capturing so that you can approach to a specific expert for a particular subject to teach and coach you accordingly, which is provided in very economical prices and packages.

Our experts are enthusiastically stays online 27x7 to accept your request for the classes. Experts Mind offers you world class service to get an expert assistance as we are entirely executing on White Board technology. We are ever ready to help out the students in providing their education needs and on demand tutors at anytime.
Tutoring Price & Packages:-
Academic Tutoring 9-K-12 Grade Level :- $18/Hr
College Grade-Level Tutoring $25/Hr
Free Trial:- $9/Hr
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Request for Free Trial in Just $9/hour

Expertsmind gives you an opportunity to view our tutor’s skills and experience in particular subject, We offer free trial in physics, chemistry, math, science, English and biology subjects from k-12 to college grade level. You can take an experience of teaching and then customize your package according to your needs, in routine, we schedule free trial by Saturday or Sunday, The exact time is provided you by email once you are booked for free trial. We offer free trial class in just $9/hour. We take assurance if you take an experience of our free trial program then you won’t go away without buying package for our online tutoring program.
Package Name 1Hr ($) 10 Hr($) 25 Hr($)  
Physics Tutoring Grade-College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Physics Tutoring Grade-K-9-12 18 160 399 Buy  
Chemistry Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Chemistry Tutoring Grade-K-9-12 18 160 399 Buy  
Math Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Math Tutoring Grade-K-9-12 18  160 399 Buy  
Biology Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Biology Tutoring Grade-K-9-12 18 160 399 Buy  
Accounting Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Economics Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Statistics Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Finance Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Management Tutoring Grade College Level 25 220 549 Buy  
Computers Tutoring Grade College Level 30 270 699 Buy  

We offer our tutoring programs in all academic subjects, business studies, professional courses, programming subjects. We have a big network of instant online tutors, in business categories and in-house professional programmers to help students in learning their subjects. ExpertsMind is a team of qualified and experienced experts who can deliver the world class online tutoring services and includes side services like. e-learning, assignment help, homework help & exam preparation.

Tools Required to Start Online Tutoring Session
1. Computer System or Laptop
2. Microphone and Headset
3. Broadband Internet Connection
4. Digital Pen Tablet

Software Required
1. Install Adobe Flash
2. Sound Driver

Advanced Tools Integrated Online Tutoring, Benefits of Online Tutoring
The virtual classrooms provided in online tutoring program focuses on teaching and not on technology as many people think. The tools are very easy to use and work on almost every operating system. The online tutoring program also requires no installation and training charges. The tabbed browser like interface is offered and keyboard shortcuts like MS office are also provided. The only thing that students need to do is to log on to the website and the class get starts at the same moment. Any number of attendants can be invited to the virtual classroom and a single student can get one-to-one online tutoring sessions with effective sound and visualization.

Whiteboard helps in enhancing interaction
The Whiteboard technology used in online tutoring program can provide you the opportunity to carry the entire classroom in your laptop, which can accompany you wherever you go. The whiteboard can be termed as a one-stop-shop for all the teaching resources. The whiteboard helps in keeping the student interested and focused on the online teaching process. The whiteboard is also included with each and every tool to make it a better leaning environment. You can post the leading questions at whiteboard by using the browser like multiple tags, the standard drawing tools and the multilingual support and can write formulas by using the visual cues and arrows which can associate the subject of mathematic with diagrams and pictures. With the whiteboard, lots of other exciting activities can be undertaken.

Easy and effective communication with text and voice chat
The student and tutor can interact during their online tutoring session by using the effective real time tools for communication. This also helps in giving personalized and focused attention. The chat can be conducted in a group as well as on a one-to-one basis. The emoticons and different fonts can be used for making the chat informal and the topics, contexts and speakers can also be effectively distinguished.

Share anything during the virtual classroom session of online tutoring
You can share the PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, whiteboard; videos form You Tube and the desktop inside the online classroom software session with or without the remote attendants present. The controls can further be passed on to the attendants so that they can share the desktops or even annotate yours. When you want to have no distractions or transitions while using the different sharing modes, it provides for a perfect solution. The files simple live and rest in the cloud.